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Introducing the Tata Intra series, a lineup of strong pickup trucks intended to change the commercial vehicle market. With three variations — the V10, V30, and V50 — Tata Motors brings a mix of power, productivity, and dependability to meet the different necessities of organisations all over.

While the Intra V10 is more appropriate for moderate-load and moderate-lead applications, the Intra V30 is the most ideal for high-load and long-lead applications. Tata Intra V50 Pickup is the most ideal decision for guaranteeing higher efficiency.

Let’s understand the specifications, engine performance, and price of the best Tata Intra series.  

Tata Intra V10 Pickup

Tata Intra V10 Pickup comes with an excellent mileage of 17 KMPL. Also, this Pickup has a wheelbase of 2250 MM and a GVW of 2120 kg. It is equipped with 2 2-cylinder, 798 cm3 DI engine. Further, the payload of this Pickup is 1000 kg. This pickup has a total fuel tank capacity of 30 ltr with a 44 HP engine. Tata Intra V10 Pickup price range is avaibale at Rs. 7.28 Lakh – 7.78 Lakh. 

Tata Intra V30 Pickup

Tata Intra V30 Pickup mileage is 14 KMPL. Further, This model has a wheelbase of 2450 MM & a GVW of 2565 kg. Also, it is equipped with 4 Cylinders and a 1496 cc DI engine. The payload of this Pickup is 1300 kg. The total fuel tank capacity of this model is 35 ltr with a 70 HP engine. Tata Intra V30 Pickup price range is avaaible at Rs. 8.11 Lakh – 8.61 Lakh. 

Tata Intra V50 Pickup

Tata Intra V50 pickup mileage is 17-22 KMPL. Further, this pickup has a wheelbase of 2600 MM & a GVW of 2960 kg. Also, it is equipped with a 4-cylinder,1496 cm3 DI engine. The payload of this pickup is 1500 kg. It has a total fuel tank capacity of 35 ltr. with an 80 HP engine. The Tata Intra V50 Pickup price range is Rs. 8.90 Lakh – 9.40 Lakh. 

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