People who are named Radha are often blessed with a lot of grace, beauty and compassion. They are full of love, devotion and contentment. Radha is a revered figure in Hinduism and is celebrated for her selfless love and spiritual connection with Krishna. Here is a list of ten names of Radha Rani and their meanings: , , , Kasturi-manjari, Lavanga-manjari, Ratna-manjari and Mani-manjari.

1. Kishori Juu

Kishori Baby Name Meaning: Young Girl, Teenage Girl; Youthful Girl. These are Unisex Names that belong to Asian, Hindi, Indian, Jewish, Mrigashirsha Nakshatra and South Indian categories. Radha is known as Sarva-kanti, indicating that all beauty and luster derive from Her body. She is also the enchanter of Krsna’s heart, and He feels that She belongs to Him (madiyata). Her affection is pure and selfless.

2. Laadli Laal

A creeper of love, Radha transcends all barriers to meet Her lover. She expands Herself into different forms such as Lalita, Visakha and many other confidential associates that increase the mood of divine love. The name Radha means the queen of worship. She is full of beauty, grace and compassion. She is endowed with madhu-sneha and a deep sense of belonging to Krsna.

3. Shyama Pyari

By reciting Radha Chalisa you worship and Rani means queen, thus Her name literally translates to “the queen of worship”. She is full of grace, beauty, compassion, love and devotion. She embodies the highest qualities of love and devotion and is therefore revered by all Hindus. Her bhakti is unparalleled. The saints of the bhakti movement immortalized this love in their songs and poetry.

4. Karunamayi Sarkar

Karunamayi means “one who is full of compassion” and is one of Radha Rani’s eternal friends (nitya-gopalikas). She relishes the inner seed of prema-bhakti. Her thighs enchant the mind of Cupid. She plays amorous sports in Her own pond and delights in the pleasures of Her own limbs. Her hair is long and nicely braided. She is the holder of the best throne.

5. Lalita

Lalita, derived from the Sanskrit words radha, meaning worship and rani, meaning queen, is the embodiment of divine love, grace, beauty and contentment. She is also a source of pleasure that flows into the spiritual and material worlds. The name Lalita has its significance in Vedic astrology as well. It provides important insights into one’s rashi and nakshatra. It also gives information about their core personality traits.

6. Sakhiya

Sakhiya people have an innate sense of wisdom that helps them settle conflict and create harmony. They are also incredibly generous by nature, always willing to help others without expecting anything in return. They are a great source of inspiration for their friends and family, as they possess an eloquence that charms the people around them. They also have a unique style that stands out from the crowd.

7. Aadiya

Name Aditya means “Beginning, First Power”. People with this name have a flexible personality. They have the ability to adapt to different situations and come up with progressive ideas. They are free spirits who love adventure. They find it difficult to stick with one thing for too long. They are very smart and witty. They are natural charmers who can achieve success in any field.

8. Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and fortune. She is worshiped by those who seek to acquire and preserve wealth. She rose from the churning of the milky ocean and is seen seated on an open eight-petal lotus flower and holding a lotus blossom in each hand. Mother Dhanya Lakshmi grants the boon of infinite courage and strength to those who persevere and remain steadfast in their efforts.

9. Vishnu

Vishnu is linked to cows, which are essential to the agricultural economy. He is also the protector of mankind. People with this name often have a whitish complexion of the body. They are very sensitive. This name is derived from the words radha, which means worship and rani, which means queen. It is a popular Hindu name. People with this name have a good nature and they are very honest.

10. Vishnu Varsha

This is a special name for Radha that indicates Her beauty and luster are incomparable. It also signifies that She enchants and delights Krishna. Srila Prabhupada says that one can get an idea of the glories of Radha from many sources but not in fullness. This is because Radha is non-different from Lord Krishna. She is the embodiment of His love.

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