International students in Australia

International students in Australia; higher education in Australia has always been an international melting pot, drawing students from every nation around the globe. Recently, however, an important trend has surfaced. More and more international students are choosing Australia as their destination for higher studies. The reason is due to its outstanding education system, beautiful natural landscape, beaches, and multicultural environment. Many employment opportunities are also made available for international students in Australia.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind an anticipated surge in the number of international students in Australia from the Middle East by 2024.

International Education in Australia

Australia is well known for its exceptional education system, boasting research opportunities, and world-class universities with high quality-of-life standards. Australia ranks highly on international students’ wish lists when choosing where to study abroad due to its stunning landscapes and safe environment – no wonder so many international students in Australia choose it as their study destination!

As per the data from the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, 2021 had seen over 600,000.

Attracting Middle Eastern Students

Middle Eastern students come to Australia for various reasons and some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Quality Education: Australian Universities consistently rank highly in global university rankings, providing their students with superior education.
  • Cultural Diversity: Australia’s vibrant multiethnic society makes it the ideal setting for international students.
  • High Employment Potential: Australian graduates tend to find attractive job prospects upon graduation. And this makes the country an attractive location for international talent. This is an immense draw factor.
  • Natural Landscapes: Australia’s beautiful landscapes offer students an exceptional experience and they can take back great memories with them to their homes.
  • Language Proficiency: Students aiming to build up their language abilities will find English to be an asset when considering improving their language abilities.

Current Scenario of International Students in Australia

You should understand the current state of the students from abroad in Australia, before delving into the future of the Australian educational system. There has been an exponential rise in the number of international students in Australia in the recent years. As per the data from the Australian Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, 2021 had seen over 600,000. Students from the Middle East will most probably play a large part in contributing to this increment. A trend expected to continue over the coming years.

International students in Australia
International students in Australia

COVID-19 Impact on International Education

COVID-19 had a profound effect on international education. Travel restrictions and safety concerns caused enrollment numbers to decrease significantly; as the world recovers, enrollment numbers have started increasing again; Australia’s successful management of the pandemic and vaccination efforts has further solidified its position as a desirable study destination.

Forecast of International Student Enrollment by 2024:

Experts and various indicators forecast that population of the Middle Eastern international students in Australia will significantly rise by 2024, likely as a result of several factors:

Rollout of Global Vaccinations Campaigns:

As global vaccination campaigns evolve, apprehensions about international travel should decrease, encouraging Middle Eastern students from other countries to consider Australia as their educational destination.

Post-Pandemic Opportunities:

Australia’s economic recovery after the pandemic will likely provide international students with additional employment options, making Australia an attractive option when seeking work.

Scholarships and Financial Support:

Many Australian universities provide scholarships and financial aid for international students in Australia; this can be an especially appealing incentive for Middle Eastern Students.

Reputation and Word-of-mouth:

Australia has earned itself a strong reputation among international students as a safe, high-quality education destination with a diverse culture – this helps boost enrollment numbers.

Many universities provide scholarships for international students studying at Australian universities.

Plan for an Increase

As the predictions are there about the increase in number of foreign students choosing Australia for their higher education, Australia must take measures to prepare for an expected surge of students from abroad in 2024, such as by prioritizing these areas for transitioning smoothly.

Infrastructure: Enhancing facilities, housing, and services available to international students.

Mental Health Support: Provide adequate mental health support services for international students as well.

Job Opportunities for Graduates: Working closely with local industry to provide employment opportunities for graduates.

Cultural Integration: Promote cultural exchange and integration between local and international students.

Visa and Immigration Policies: Streamlining visa and immigration processes to attract more international students.


Students from the Middle East will always be inclined to choose Australia for their educational journey, due to its outstanding education system, multiculturalism, and economic opportunities. Australia boasts an excellent educational system. And also a welcoming environment that makes it ideal for welcoming international students in Australia. It will need to adapt quickly to accommodate those joining this wave as smoothly as possible to ensure a smooth and calm transition. Australia must meet these students’ needs. To ensure that they have an easy transition experience as the global recovery continues. And Australia becomes even more attractive. Australia will become even more desirable among Middle Eastern students over time and remain attractive as an educational destination in 2024!


What are the most sought-after study destinations in Australia among Middle Eastern students?

Middle Eastern students tend to favor Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane due to the presence of top universities as well as the diverse cultural environments in these cities.

Which scholarships are available to foreign students studying in Australia?

Many universities provide scholarships for international students studying at Australian universities. Check the requirements for each scholarship carefully to see whether you meet them.

How should I prepare to study abroad as an international student in Australia?

Preparing to study in Australia involves several steps. You should secure admission, apply for an Australian student visa, arrange accommodations, and familiarize yourself with Australian society and culture.

Can students from abroad find work opportunities available to them in Australia?

Australia provides international students looking to earn money. And also a chance to get experience with a variety of part-time work opportunities.

What is the process for applying for a Student Visa for Australia?

For visa application, specific criteria must be fulfilled, including enrolling at an accredited institution and fulfilling specific documentation. Visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs for further information regarding applying for a student visa in Australia.

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