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By 2024, medical students will have a wide range of choices when choosing the right university to earn their MBBS. Jiaxing University is one institution that has gained recognition globally. This comprehensive guide provides all the information needed to make an educated decision if you are considering pursuing a MBBS degree at Jiaxing University.

Why Study MBBS In China?

China is a popular destination for international medical students, and with good reason. There are many compelling reasons to study MBBS in China.

  • High-Quality Education: Chinese universities are known for providing high-quality medical education and modern facilities.
  • Recognition Worldwide: A number of Chinese medical degrees have been recognized internationally, making it possible to practice medicine abroad.
  • Affordability: Tuition costs and living expenses in China are lower than those in Western countries.

Cultural Experience Living and studying in China offers students the opportunity to experience a rich, diverse culture.

Jiaxing University History

Jiaxing University, founded in 1978 has quickly gained prominence for its medical program. It is located in Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, a beautiful city. This offers a peaceful environment for academic pursuits. It also collaborates with international partners to enhance its quality.

Jiaxing University Medical Program

The MBBS at Jiaxing University combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience to give students a thorough understanding of medical sciences. The program includes:

The program is a 6-year course with an emphasis on clinical practice.

The curriculum includes fundamental medical sciences and clinical medicine as well as rotations at affiliated hospitals.

Research and elective courses are available.

Students are prepared for global practice by focusing on global health.

Admission Process

The admission process to Jiaxing University’s MBBS program is highly competitive, but possible with the right preparation. This is an overview of the application process.

  • Eligibility: Applicants required to have a high-school diploma and must meet the specific requirements of the university.
  • Entrance Exam: Candidates required to pass an entrance exam, which tests their knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Application: Submit Your Application through the Official Website or Designated Admission Portals.
  • Interview: Applicants will invited for an interview.

Acceptance After acceptance, students must apply for a visa.

Scholarships and Fees

Jiaxing University offers tuition fees that are comparable to those of many Western universities. The university also offers scholarships for international students who meet certain criteria, such as academic merit or financial need. These scholarships can help ease the financial burden associated with pursuing an MBBS.

Campus Life

Jiaxing University offers a vibrant campus with many extracurricular activities. You’ll be able to find a group that shares your interests, whether it’s in arts, sports, or cultural exchange. Modern libraries, laboratories and recreational facilities are available on campus to provide a well-rounded experience.

Alumni Success Stories

Jiaxing University has a long list of alumni who have contributed significantly to medicine. These achievements are a testament to both the high quality education and opportunities offered by the university to medical students.

A Scholarly Playground

We take our learning very seriously at Jiaxing University. But we don’t treat ourselves that seriously. You’ll discover a lively academic environment, where professors are passionate about their subject and sprinkle in the odd joke. Who said that lectures have to be all gloom and doom?

Visit Our Beautiful Campus

The campus offers a tranquil escape from the bustle and noise. You can stroll through our beautiful gardens and listen to students talking about Aristotle under the shade of a tree. This is like a scene out of a movie, but without all the drama.

International Perspective

We are more than a local institution. Jiaxing University is a global university that welcomes students of all backgrounds. Discover a rich tapestry, make new friends, and learn about cultures you only learned about in geography class.

Cutting-Edge Research meets Comedy Clubs

We have state-of the-art research facilities, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a good laugh. Find out about groundbreaking research or even stand-up comedy at our student clubs. Who says that scientists cannot be funny?

The Smile of a Degree

It’s not just about earning credits here, but also about personal development and unforgettable moments. Jiaxing University graduates leave with more than just a diploma. They also have a wealth of inside jokes.

A supportive community

We are not only a university, but a family. Students support one another, and professors are accessible. The campus is a place of friendships formed over late-night studying sessions, and laughter can be heard throughout the halls.

Jiaxing University offers a unique blend of education of the highest quality and humor. Let’s make the academic journey both entertaining and enlightening. You’ll thank yourself in the future!

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why Jiaxing University is the best choice for your MBBS degree in 2024, highlighting its unique features, programs, admission process, faculty, scholarships, and life in Jiaxing.


Is Jiaxing University’s MBBS Program recognized internationally?

Yes, the MBBS at Jiaxing University recognized by international medical bodies, allowing you to practice medicine worldwide.

What is the language of instruction at Jiaxing University (MBBS)?

The MBBS program has an English medium of instruction, which makes it available to international students.

Can international students work while studying at Jiaxing University, or is it prohibited?

Yes. However, there are specific rules and restrictions set by the Chinese Government.

Do dormitories exist for international students at Jiaxing University?

Yes, Jiaxing University offers dormitories that are comfortable and affordable for international students.

What opportunities are there for clinical experience in the MBBS program at Jiaxing University?

The MBBS program at Jiaxing University emphasizes clinical practice and gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience by rotating through affiliated hospitals.


In 2024, Jiaxing University stands as the best medical university for pursuing an MBBS degree. With a world-class education, experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a commitment to providing international students with a top-notch education, Jiaxing University is the ideal choice for those aspiring to become future medical professionals. If you are looking to kickstart your medical career, consider Jiaxing University as your stepping stone to success. Your journey to becoming a doctor starts here.


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