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In recent years, interest in biohacking and life improvement has increased. The fda-funded study is investigating whether metformin, a drug commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, can slow maturation. The extension, called premise, aims to extend life and is supported by other nobel laureates. Blending the blood of young people with the blood of more established Healthier people. Other hacks abound, such as putting a large amount of spread. In your coffee and wearing headbands that are said to enhance your mental abilities. Super Vidalista 80 mg and Buy Dapoxetine Online oral drug approved for use in premature ejaculation or premature ejaculation.

While we believe that these methods (at least some of them). Are interesting and deserve further consideration, a great many people prefer. A priori proven strategies (strategies backed by years of research). ) already exists. Expand both the scope and nature of your life by adopting some healthy daily habits. “We’ve known since the mid-1960s that lifestyle affects Healthier and longevity,” says michael joyner, an expert on well-being and human agency at the mayo facility. Since that point, he says. The evidence for the benefits of a healthy lifestyle has grown as more people pursue rejuvenating remedies. Consider his 2011 study published in the american diary of general wellbeing. The study showed that adopting healthy behaviors. (regular activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation) could increase his life expectancy by 11 years. Or, on the other hand, a recent report published in the english clinical diary found that a healthy lifestyle reduces. The chance of dying from all causes by a staggering 61 percent. 

There is an extraordinary sense of incongruity here.

“The idea behind many of the common sources of adolescent drugs, reinforcements, devices, etc. Is to replicate the well-established natural physiological effects of some key behaviors,” said joyner. To tell. Aubrey de dark, who pioneered the development of the reverse maturation method and is senior scientific director of the sens Exploration Foundation, a Silicon Valley-based Healthier foundation, recently told the new yorker that through improvements in mitochondrial modification and other , said, “I can do it.” “I drink as much as I want, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to train, I’m good at everything.” maybe. But now there are simpler and more proven strategies to extend life. 

#1. Move 

If sports could be sold as a drug, it would be a billion dollar business. Years of research have shown that just 30 minutes of moderate-to-extremely vigorous. Activity each day reduces the risk of physical (such as cardiovascular and circulatory disease) and psychiatric (such as fatigue and alzheimer’s) diseases. Is known to be reduced. Many of the new lifelines are aimed at preventing mitochondrial dysfunction, a typical part of maturation. A breakdown in the cell’s ability to use energy appropriately, joyner said. “either way. People who exercise can double the amount of mitochondria in their skeletal muscle and improve overall body performance,” he says. “This is why practice is such a strong enemy to maturity.” 

#2.Eat real food 

Stay away from anything wrapped in plastic. “Ultra-processed foods generally lose a lot of their nutritional wealth,” says Yoni Friedhoff, an Ottawa-based obesity expert and nutritionist. Another reason to avoid processed foods has to do with energy density or calories per gram of food. “Super-processed foods are generally much more energy dense than foods made from new. Whole ingredients, which is not ideal for maintaining a healthy weight,” friedhoff said. To tell

What is Friedhof’s best nutritional habits for health and longevity? He says. “This means a diet high in vegetables, whole grains, fish and simple meats, with regular but not excessive use of organic produce, nuts and healthy oils.” 

#3.Call a buddy 

Not only is spending time with loved ones Healthier but there is growing evidence that it has long-term health benefits. Social relevance is associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Better sleep quality, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, less depression, less deterioration of general health, and better resilience. Doing. 

In a recent report published in plos medication, Brigham young university experts followed more than 300,000 of him for an average of 7.5 years. They found that the risk of death associated with loss exceeded that associated with being overweight or real laziness and was similar to that associated with smoking.

#4. (basically) stay away from all improvements 

Americans routinely spend more than $30 billion of her on nutritional supplements, most of which are ineffective or even harmful. A 2016 article in the diary of the american clinical affiliation cited more than 20 years of research, stating. “Studies evaluating improved nutrition yield overwhelmingly disappointing results in terms of potential medical benefits. “It’s causing it, but there’s growing evidence that it’s having a negative impact.” 

But nutritional supplements are often perfectly wrapped up in an irresistible promise, in friedhoff’s words: “It’s wise to have a ‘no’ strategy.” There are basically no improvements with sufficient evidence to make it easier to use. Lack of concrete evidence or needs. ”

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