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Srinagar, known as the Venice of the East, known for its lakes, landscapes, and rich culture. Beyond its stunning beauty, you can enjoy a range of adventures in Srinagar of Kashmir. These outdoor sports cater to all seeking thrill and bonding during the trip.

From scenic trekking routes to serene boating experiences, Srinagar presents a blend of exploration and thrill. For best Srinagar adventure packages Srinagardeals gives ample options. In this blog post, we’ll meanwhile delve into the top family friendly outdoor sports-here.

Shikara Rides on Dal Lake, A Serene Journey

Begin your family tour in Srinagar with a tranquil Shikara ride on the iconic Dal Lake. Glide through the calm waters as your Shikara gently going through the floating gardens and canals. It’s also one of the adventures in Srinagar you can enjoy with all.

The experience is nothing short of magical, with vibrant flowers reflecting off the water’s surface. Meanwhile, enjoy the backdrop of snowy mountains creating a pleasant ambiance. Kids and adults will be charmed by the serene beauty. Also with the chance to engage in joyful talks amidst nature’s masterpiece.

Trekking at Shankaracharya Hill, A Glimpse of History

For families who love exploring, a trek to Shankaracharya Hill is a must do adventure. The hill is home to the ancient Shankaracharya Temple a sacred place for hindus. It further offers panoramic views of Srinagar and its nearby area.

The trek itself is family friendly, with well paved paths and steps. After that, feel the sense of winning as you reach the temple. It will be coupled with the stunning vistas, will be a memory your family cherishes forever.

Exploring Mughal Gardens, Nurturing Nature’s Beauty

Srinagar’s Mughal Gardens are firstly a feast for the eyes. They also offer options for family fun. Three of them are the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chashme Shahi.

They further boast terraced lawns, falling fountains, and fragrant flowers. Let your kids run freely on the manicured lawns while you soak in the artistic splendor. Also draw some time to immerse in the history. A family photoshoot amidst these stunning landscapes will be a pleasant memento of your adventure.

Horse Riding in Pahalgam, A Delight for Young Explorers

A short drive from Srinagar takes you to Pahalgam. Here horse riding is a famous activity that kids will adore. The gentle hills and verdant meadows create the perfect setting for a horseback riding.

Guided by trained handlers, your family can explore the natural beauty of Pahalgam. Meanwhile, they can bond with these magnificent creatures. This unique experience will further leave a lasting impact on your young explorers.

River Rafting on the Lidder River, A Thrill

For families seeking a thrill, river rafting on the Lidder River in Pahalgam is ideal. The river offers varying grades of rapids, making it suitable for freshers and trained rafters alike.

Your family will firstly work together as a team to go through the thrilling rapids. Meanwhile, enjoy to be among the the scenic landscapes of Pahalgam. The feeling of winning the river’s rapids together will forge lasting joys.

Gulmarg, A Playground of Adventure

A day trip to Gulmarg is a must for families looking for some outdoor charms. During the winter months, indulge in skiing and snowboarding on the powdery slopes.

In the summer, embark on the Gondola ride, which offers stunning views of the nearby mountains. Gulmarg’s lush meadows further provide the perfect backdrop for a family picnic. Here you can meanwhile savor nature’s beauty while enjoying quality time together.

Camping by Nigeen Lake, Bonding Amidst Nature

For families seeking an intense outdoor experience, camping by Nigeen Lake is ideal. It further offers a unique chance to bond amidst nature’s beauty.

Set up tents along the lakeshore and enjoy a bonfire under the starlit sky. Go for sharing stories while having the peace of the water and mountains. Camping not only fosters family bonding but also allows you to disconnect from the routine life.

Bird Watching at Dachigam National Park, Nature’s Classroom

Bird Watching at Dachigam National Park offers a charming journey into nature’s classroom. This pristine wilderness is a haven for diverse bird species.

That further makes it a heaven for bird lovers of all ages. As you venture through the forests and tranquil meadows, witness a symphony of colors and melodies. You will meanwhile come to see the vibrant avian residents fill the air.

The trip not only offers the thrill of spotting rare and native birds. It firstly serves as an learning opportunity to teach the value of conservation of eco systems.

Bird watching at Dachigam National Park is a serene escape. It further connects families with the wonders of the avian world. Meanwhile they also impart valuable lessons about the climate.

Exploring Floating Vegetable Gardens, A Unique Experience

See the floating vegetable gardens in Srinagar is a truly unique experience. It unveils the ingenuity of local life. These gardens are grown on the tranquil waters of Dal Lake.

They further offer a glimpse into the innovative agricultural methods of the region. Guided tours allow you to witness the minute process of growing crops on these buoyant beds. You will also get the chance to meanwhile talk with the skilled gardeners.

This hands on sighting firstly makes you know about the unique farming methods. It further takes you through the rich cultural aspects of the city.

The exploration of floating vegetable gardens is a pleasant journey. It further deepens your knowledge of the bonding between the local people and the climate.

Shopping at Lal Chowk Market, Embrace the Culture

Seeing the bustling markets of Srinagar can be a pleasant experience for families. The Further, visit Lal Chowk Market which is a vibrant hub.

You can shop for local handicrafts, clothings, and local Kashmiri souvenirs here. Engage your children in the joy of bargaining and choosing unique treasures. However, it will forever remind you of your Srinagar trip.


Srinagar offers families a range of exciting outdoor sports that blend adventure, nature, and bonding. During it, take Shikara rides on Dal Lake, trek up Shankaracharya Hill and explore Mughal Gardens.

Moreover, you can do horse riding in Pahalgam, and river rafting on the Lidder River. In short, each of the adventures in Srinagar further creates a range of joys. That your family will cherish for years to come.

You can explore ancient sites, enjoy thrilling adventures, or simply basking in nature’s beauty. The trip for adventures in Srinagar provide the perfect setting for family fun and bonding.

So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and embark on this journey. This journey will further hold a special place in your hearts for whole life.

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